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MIPIM Hula Hooping

25th January 2019

MIPIM Hula Hooping

As part of the Tough Guide to MIPIM 2019, join Amanda Illing and the Hardwicke team for a spot of early morning beach hula hooping at MIPIM 2019! Set yourself up for the challenging day ahead and before your breakfast meetings. The hoopers plan to meet at 7.15am on Wednesday and Thursday (13-14 March) and find a peaceful spot on the beach, opposite Louis Vuitton.

A few spare hula hoops will be available, but if you have one then please bring your own. All abilities welcome.

A note from the organisers: “We’re not instructors, we just think hula hooping is a bit of fun and a good way to start the day. We’re going to be doing it anyway, and we’d love anyone else to join us if you’d like to.”

To join you can email amanda.illing@hardwicke.co.uk or just arrive at the beach opposite Louis Vuitton on the Croisette…


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