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Members of Hardwicke are regularly involved in editing and providing chapters for practice area texts (see links below).

Our members also write regularly for Practical Law, LexisNexis and other publications.

If you are interested in one of our members writing an article, please contact Sally Wollaston, Business Development & Marketing Director.

  • Construction All Risks Insurance (Sweet & Maxwell; 2nd edition 2017) edited by Paul Reed QC

    This comprehensive industry text was written by Paul Reed QC with contributions from the Hardwicke Construction Team.

    The second edition is essential reading for both lawyers and insurance brokers in the field of construction insurance. Building on its reputation as the definitive reference for practitioners, and updated with respect to the Insurance Act of 2015, Construction All Risks is the go-to guide looking for answers in construction insurance.

    Main Features

    • Covers the fundamentals of Construction All Risks Insurance from its origins to current day practice, going through the processes and pitfalls involved in CAR claims
    • Contains comprehensive practical advice for those dealing with CAR insurance claims, with coverage of disputes and the application of insurance law to commercial insurances
    • Explains the need for insurance and highlights particular areas for concern such as Institute Cargo Clauses and Aviation
    • Examines the structure of CAR policies, giving practical advice on the drafting and construction of various clauses
    • Discusses the wide range of exclusions that can apply to CAR policies and their significance, including defect and standard exclusions
    • Takes into account the difficult areas of causation and co-insurance
    • Includes example policy clauses and precedent materials
    • Includes updates on how the Insurance Act 2015 will affect those working in the area
    • Includes guidance on the claims procedure as well as marine, aviation and property risk
    • Addresses issues of special concern in CAR, such as the wide range of exclusions, including standard defects exclusions, that can apply to CAR policies, extensions to cover, and co-insurance, alongside general issues such as the construction and rectification of policies, fortuity, causation, the measure of indemnity, warranties, and loss and damage
    • Contains comprehensive practical advice for those dealing with CAR insurance claims, from handling coverage disputes, to claims procedure, proof and payment
    • Explains the need for insurance and highlights particular areas for concern, such as marine construction, aviation and property.

    New to this edition

    • Examines in detail the Insurance Act 2015 with an entirely new chapter on the Insurance Act 2015 which considers both Australian and New Zealand law
    • Discusses in detail the Wellington Syndicate 2020’s Offshore Construction Project Policy which will be invaluable to those who need to understand the special risks involved in undertaking marine construction and the specialised nature of CAR insurance available for this type of work.
    • Content completely revised to address the impact of the Insurance Act 2015
    • A reworked and in-depth analysis of LEG exclusion clauses
    • A further developed section on the analysis of WELCAR
    • Precedents fully updated


    It is available from Sweet & Maxwell.

  • Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance (Sweet & Maxwell 2018) edited by Paul Reed QC

    Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance is the definitive practitioner reference for all those involved in construction projects, from contractors to employers, architects to insurance brokers. Covering the effects of the Insurance Act 2015 and complementing Construction All Risks Insurance, these are the two titles all construction insurance professionals need.

    The book is written by Paul Reed QC, with contributions from the Hardwicke Construction Team.

    Key benefits:

    • Covers all aspects of Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance for construction professionals
    • Uniquely covers the effect of the Insurance Act 2015, which will have come into force by August 2016
    • Describes the nature of PI and the role of the construction professional in a construction project, including the regulatory requirements that necessitate PI
    • Includes a focus on contract formation, with particular reference to the Insurance Act 2015
    • Includes a practical guide to each part of a PI policy, from the basics of cover to all aspects of indemnity
    • Discusses in detail and interprets the terms of construction PI policies giving expert advice and analysis for drafting the various clauses and describes the law behind it
    • Explains the claims procedure itself including a detailed breakdown of the process and problems that may arise
    • Includes analyses of how policies are affected in different jurisdictions, including Scotland, Commonwealth and U.S.A.
    • Covers PI clauses as related to JCT, FIDIC and NEC contracts, providing relevance for both domestic and international construction projects
    • Includes example policy clauses and other precedent materials for easy reference
    • Builds on the practical and expert analysis of Paul Reed QC, whose uniquely readable style has gained many followers from Construction All Risks Insurance


    The book is available from Sweet & Maxwell.

  • Edisclosure: Law & Practice (OUP 2017) edited by Michael Wheater and Charles Raffin

    Written by Michael Wheater and Charles Raffin with contributions from Jack Dillon and Emma Hynes, this is the first textbook to tackle the complicated and evolving area of e-disclosure.   The book is:

    • A detailed guide to the complex issues surrounding eDisclosure presented in an accessible and user-friendly format
    • The first work of its kind to offer comprehensive analysis of the developing law on electronic disclosure combined with practical advice focusing on electronic disclosure and related document production in practice; a complex and fast-growing area of evidence gathering and review
    • A fully up to date examination of the relevant procedural guidelines and case-law in this area


    It is available from OUP.

  • Atkins Court Forms - Corporate Insolvency (LexisNexis 2018)

    This book was edited by Alaric Watson and substantially rewritten by him and members of the Hardwicke Insolvency Team (Amanda Eilledge, Sarah McCann, Jonathan TitmussPhillip Patterson, Aileen McErlean, Katrina Mather, Ryan Hocking). Chapters are also provided by Angus Evers (Shoosmiths), Justin Mason (Capital Law), Simon Ricketts (Town Legal) and Spencer Tewis-Allen (Town Legal).

    It provides a comprehensive guide to corporate insolvency including copies of all the relevant court forms.

  • Risk & Negligence in Property Transactions (Law Society 2018) edited by John de Waal QC

    Risk and Negligence in Property Transactions is a new textbook which takes an in-depth look at the various stages that take place, and specific issues that may arise, on the acquisition of land. It identifies the risks faced by solicitors acting for the buyer, seller and lender that may give rise to liability in negligence.

    It is essential reading for solicitors who are instructed in relation to transactions concerning commerical and residential property, as well as litigation solicitors and barristers.

    The book is edited by John de Waal QC with contributions from members of the Hardwicke Property and Construction Teams (Carl Brewin, John Clargo, Andy Creer, Jamal Demachkie, Amanda Eilledge, Daniel Gatty, Lina Mattsson, Louis Zvesper).

    Copies are available from The Law Society.

  • A Practical Guide to Wrongful Conception, Wrongful Birth and Wrongful Life Claims (Law Brief Publishing 2019) edited by Rebecca Greenstreet

    The law on recovery of damages in wrongful conception, wrongful birth and wrongful life cases has been treated as settled for some time following the cases of McFarlane v Tayside Health Board [2000] 2 A.C. 59, Parkinson v St James and Seacroft University Hospital NHS Trust [2001] EWCA Civ 530, Rees v Darlington Memorial Hospital NHS Trust [2004] 1 A.C. 309 and McKay v Essex Area Health Authority [1982] Q.B. 116.

    Rebecca Greenstreet’s book takes an in-depth look at those key cases and their application in practice. There do also remain unanswered questions regarding the limits of recovery in these areas: this book provides an insight into those potential areas for development, as well as exploring the approach taken in foreign jurisdictions and examining recent UK cases in these areas in detail.

    It is available for purchase by clicking here.

  • Insurance Broking Practice and the Law (Informa)

    Various members of Hardwicke have contributed to Insurance Broking Practice and the Law which covers all the legal and practical issues facing insurance brokers in the market place and provides a definitive reference source for anyone who needs to understand the role and responsibilities involved in this area. This regularly updated looseleaf covers not only insurance and regulatory issues but also tax, competition, data protection and employment issues relevant to brokers. In addition, it addresses current market reforms and their impact on insurance brokers, e.g. contract certainty, market reform slip, and market claims agreements.

    Concentrating throughout on how the law relates to actual market practice – with a special emphasis on London market practice in the non-life sector – Insurance Broking Practice and the Law ensures that you have the answers to all the legal issues affecting brokers at your fingertips.

    It will provide you with:

    • The most comprehensive and authoritative text on the market
    • Expert commercial and legal advice, covering all of your day-to-day problems
    • Practical guidance to ensure you understand and are able to comply with regulatory developments
    • An accessible and dependable reference source, designed to reduce your exposure to risk management and liability issues
    • Regular updates to ensure you are always fully up to date
    • Greater depth, more case law and case law analysis in more detail than any other publication on the market


    You can obtain a copy by clicking here.

  • Practical Guide to Solicitor and Client Care Costs (Law Brief Publishing)

    A practical guide by Robin Dunne setting out the main issues and challenges that arise when clients challenge their solicitor’s bill. Covering the rules, statutes, case law etc but also providing guidance as to terms of retainers as well as the process of assessing charges.

    This area of law is complex and is still not well known by many solicitors or even non-specialist judges. Also, following LASPO and probable fixed costs extensions, clients are now far more likely to have to pay their own costs and challenges to solicitor’s fees are increasingly common. This book is written in a clear manner so that anyone from clients and trainees to partners and judges can benefit from it.

    You can obtain a copy by clicking here.

  • Lender Claims (Sweet & Maxwell)

    James Hall provided contributions in relation to subjects including equitable securities over land.

    This is s a specialist book for those who are called upon either to bring or defend a claim for professional negligence in relation to mortgage fraud or borrower default or to bring proceedings against borrowers or guarantors of borrowers.

    • Deals with all types of lender claims arising out of secured lending transactions
    • Breaks down claims against relevant parties to a lender claim, highlighting unique aspects, including risks, associated with various types of claims
    • Details the specific practical and legal issues of the most common claims brought by lenders
    • Provides comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of mortgage possession claims and related subjects such as subrogation and title rectification
    • Details the specific practical and legal issues of the most common claims brought against borrowers
    • Includes timely discussion of sub-prime lending crisis and its likely impact on related case law
    • Each chapter is written by a practitioner specialising in the area covered
    • Includes an individual chapter on practice and procedural issues related to lender claims


    You can obtain a copy by clicking here.

  • Law & Practice of Compromise (Sweet & Maxwell)

    Brie Stevens-Hoare QC contributed to Law & Practice of Compromise.

    The Law and Practice of Compromise provides authoritative guidance on this area, enabling disputing parties to avoid litigation wherever possible and secure their agreement in enforceable form.

    • Provides guidance on the law of compromise from initial procedure to enforcement
    • Deals individually with different types of dispute, including: settlements in Chancery litigation; matrimonial, family and inheritance disputes; serious personal injury claims involving children or patients; employment contract disputes; landlord and tenant, boundary, and construction disputes
    • Sets out the legal foundations of compromise and the essential requirements of a valid compromise
    • Offers guidance and advice as to best practice, including the requirements of professional ethics in various situations
    • Examines the procedure of compromise, its machinery and methods, with particular attention to Part 36 of the CPR


    You can obtain a copy by clicking here.

  • Cousins: The Law of Mortgages (Sweet & Maxwell)

    Brie Stevens-Hoare QC contributed to Cousins: The Law of Mortgages.

    The Law of Mortgages is a comprehensive explanation of the law and practice concerning mortgages and related court proceedings. Every type of mortgage agreement is covered whilst detailing the rights and duties of the parties involved, examining areas of dispute between mortgagors and mortgagees and setting out available remedies. It also describes the procedures for amending and transferring mortgages.

    This new edition brings the text up to date with all the latest legislative and case law developments.
    All-encompassing coverage of the law of mortgages

    • Deals with every type of mortgage agreement, clearly stating the principles applicable to each
    • Identifies and examines the areas of dispute between the parties involved and the remedies available under the mortgage and in court proceedings
    • Considers the defences and claims commonly raised by the mortgagor in actions brought by the mortgagee
    • Covers the different forms of security
    • Analyses the key mortgage-related case law arising from the market collapse of 2007/2008 concerning liens
    • Considers the Financial Services Act 2012, which provided a new framework for financial regulation in the United Kingdom, together with a plethora of associated regulatory reforms
    • Draws on the many legislative changes in the regulatory landscape providing for consumer protection, and the regulation of consumer credit, such as the changes enshrined in the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and the Mortgage Credit Directive Order


    You can obtain a copy by clicking here.


  • Kemp & Kemp: the Quantum of Damages 

    Charles Bagot QC is on the editorial board of this seminal personal injury publication.  Jasmine Murphy is also involved.

  • Personal Injuries and Quantum Reports

    Charles Bagot QC and Jasmine Murphy are on the editorial board of this seminal personal injury publication.

  • Tolley's Insolvency Law (LexisNexis)

    Sarah Clarke contributed to the latest edition of Tolley’s Insolvency Law.

  • Smith, Owen & Bodnar on Asset Recovery (OUP)

    Sarah Clarke contributed to Smith, Owen & Bodnar on Asset Recovery.

    This is an essential one-stop practitioners’ text providing clear guidance and analysis of the law and practice of criminal confiscation and civil recovery, together with all relevant materials.

    You can obtain a copy by clicking here.

  • Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents Social Housing (LexisNexis) updated and authored by Clare Anslow and Cameron Stocks (2018)

    This book will be edited by Clare Anslow and Cameron Stocks.

    It will be available for purchase shortly.

  • Emden's Construction Law

    Ebony Alleyne contributes to this LexisNexis publication which is a leading construction law textbook.

    You can find details here.

  • Foskett On Compromise

    Brie is a contributor to this leading publication which gives authoritative guidance on the law of compromise, enabling disputing parties to avoid litigation wherever possible. It sets out the legal foundations and essential requirements of compromise. It provides practitioners with the information necessary to make use of the tools provided under the Civil Procedure Rules and explains the various contexts in which they can be applied..  Further details can be found here.