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How to instruct us

Whether you are a solicitor or a member of the public and you would like to instruct a barrister at Hardwicke, we suggest in the first instance you call or email us and speak to a member of our practice management team.  The practice management team can help you identify the barrister/s with the right expertise, experience and availability you need for your case to enable you to make a selection.

You may already have in mind the barrister you would like to instruct, therefore a conversation with the practice management team will enable us to check on availability so that we can be sure of giving you the best service possible and manage your expectations.

The practice management team will talk you through what you need to do to engage a barrister to undertake work or go to Court for you.  We will ask you to sign up to our contractual terms, and we will talk to you at the outset about the likely cost.  In order to give you an accurate estimate of fees we will ask to see some papers first and to know some background about your case.

If we do not have the experience or expertise you are looking for, or our barristers do not have the availability to take on your case, our practice management team will tell you as soon as possible, and will try to make a recommendation of where else you should try.  We would rather help you find the right person, even if that means we don’t undertake the work for you, in the hope you will remember us next time.

We look forward to hearing from you.