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Family Law Barrister Ajmal Azam discusses the Forced Marriage Act 2007

27th November 2008

Hardwicke Building’s Family Law barrister Ajmal Azam has featured on the BBC Asian Network examining the implications of the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act 2007 which came into force on Tuesday 25th November.

Ajmal covered a wide range of topics during the interview including the array of powers introduced by the Act allowing courts to grant injunctions prohibiting forced marriage and the ability of third parties such as schools, charities and local authorities to make an application for an order. He also highlighted the need for active collaboration between local authorities, charities, the legal profession and local communities in order to ensure victims receive the help they need and that people do not feel unfairly stigmatised.

The Government’s Forced Marriage Unit reports receiving upwards of 5,000 calls a year from concerned individuals who have hitherto had limited, if any, recourse to legal protection. The Act, prompted by increasing public concern, seeks to provide much needed protection to persons being  forced into marriage as well as those already in such a marriage.

It is hoped that this interview will help raise awareness of the Act; a crucial element to its success.

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