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You’re out of time: The limits of limitation

15 Sep 2015 - , 00:00

** Please note that this seminar is now fully subscribed **

Tom Bell, Laurence Page and Gemma Witherington will deliver talks addressing issues arising out of the Limitation Act 1980, an Act that continues to cause problems and generate novel issues in claims against professionals.

The seminar will be chaired by John de Waal QC and will cover:

  • The accrual of the cause of action: When does the limitation clock start ticking?
  • Actual and constructive date of knowledge under section 14A – an issue that has generated 21 reported cases in the past twelve months, including Schumann v Veale Wasbrough [2015] EWCA Civ 441
  • The role of fraud, concealment and mistake and its impact on limitation, in particular consideration of the case of Williams v Central Bank of Nigeria [2014] UKSC 10, what amounts to “reasonable diligence” under section 32, and who can be an “agent”.