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Fundamental Dishonesty – litigation life after Sinfield and s.57

05 Jul 2018 - , 00:00

Hardwicke’s Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence team announce breakfast seminar on Thursday, 5 July 2018.

The recent Sinfield decision and those which have followed it, and their interpretation of s.57 of the CJCA, may prove to be almost as seismic as that of Mitchell.

This seminar will explore where these decisions leave not only the dishonest claim, but the claim which is exaggerated, or perhaps just embellished.  The seminar will explore why this new approach affects the way we approach factual evidence, expert evidence and schedules of loss.

One thing is certain, there are a lot of section 57 booby-traps which have not yet exploded and this aspect of litigation is going to be critical for some time to come. The key areas which the seminar will look at are:

  • The impact of Sinfield upon the claim landscape
  • How other cases involving exaggeration and dishonesty continue to develop the interpretation of section 57
  • Why existing and new claims must be re-appraised in light of the latest s.57 decisions.
  • Why the latest decision indicate the way claims are brought, and defended, needs to change.
  • The need to stress-test claims like never before.
  • The threats and opportunities heralded by what seems to be a new litigation landscape.

This seminar is aimed at those who deal with personal injury matters and/or professional negligence regarding the conduct of personal injury claims.

Please register your interest below. We will be in touch to confirm places in due course.