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The current unprecedented situation has led to the hopefully temporary closure of many businesses, some of whom will have been struggling already as a consequence of the harsh trading environment over the last few years.  This is inevitably causing numerous issues for those businesses, their employees and creditors alike.  No-one can underestimate the long term impact that this pandemic will have to the economy as a whole over the years to come.

At Hardwicke, our restructuring and insolvency team regularly helps directors, creditors and insolvency practitioners deal with the onset and aftermath of insolvency events and we also have a wide range of experience in advising and steering businesses through the difficult times, whether that be through obtaining moratoriums, validation orders, advising on CVAs or using any of the other restructuring tools available to ensure that viable businesses are able to trade through these uncharted waters.  You can find details of our experience here.

We are currently in close contact with all of the courts around the country to ensure that we are able to obtain hearings and deal swiftly with any applications that need to be issued by any of the stakeholders in this difficult climate (see the Court information tab).

Some practical and legal information regarding issues specifically linked to Covid-19 is set out in the links below.  As the rapidly developing situation changes, we will be updating this resource but, if you have queries or would like to discuss particular issues, then please contact Richard Sumarno or Adam Blades who will be happy to help you.

Our expertise in related areas such as Commercial Dispute Resolution, Construction, Insurance, Mediation & ADR and Property can be seen on our practice pages and these areas also have Covid-19 related content which you can review by clicking on the relevant tab on left hand side of this page.