Thank you

Your details will now be forwarded to a barrister who will then evaluate whether they feel they are able to assist with your case.  If necessary, we may ask you for further information or documents. Should we be able to assist, you will receive a client care letter together with a copy of the terms of engagement.  It is important that you fully read and understand these documents as they will form the contract between you and the barrister.

Once your case has been accepted by a barrister we will ask you to provide documents verifying your identity which is required for Anti-Money Laundering due diligence.  If applicable, payment for services will also be required at this stage.

Please note that we will usually require cleared funds in advance of a barrister starting work. Unfortunately, you cannot instruct a barrister directly under legal aid. If you anticipate requiring legal aid you will need to instruct a solicitor who has who has a legal aid contract in your area of law.