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Ajmal Azam comments on the launch of The Marriage Foundation

4th May 2012

This week saw the launch of The Marriage Foundation by High Court Judge, Sir Paul Coleridge. The foundation will campaign to improve public understanding of the nature, benefits and importance of marriage and how healthy married relationships provide the most stable environment in which to raise children.

Hardwicke’s Ajmal Azam, a specialist family law barrister, who was invited to attend the launch says

“the Marriage Foundation has a very laudable aim in championing the institution of marriage as the gold standard for relationships and addressing the very problems associated with the breakdown of marriage. Sir Paul is absolutely right in describing the breakdown of marriage as one of the most destructive scourges in modern society. That does not however take away from the fact that in many cases staying in an abusive or unhappy marriage can cause irreparable damage to those involved and divorce may well be unavoidable. Nevertheless, that does not and should not inhibit the valuable work that is required and which one hopes can be achieved by The Marriage Foundation.”

The website is at http://www.marriagefoundation.org.uk/Web/


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